Project KickStart and Consultants

Project KickStart Simplifies Process for This Consultant



The Customer

Joseph C. Fusco, MBA, PM/SHK, Technical Pathways

Joseph Fusco is not only one of the most successful project management consultants around, he has also been instrumental in raising the profile of project management theory and application throughout the United States.


In addition to running his own highly-regarded project management firm, Technical Pathways in San Francisco, California, Joe has founded the project management certificate program at San Jose State University, serves as an advisor to the Project Management Certification Board at U.C. Berkeley, and founded the Sacramento chapter of the Project Management Institute.


Besides authoring the Action Project Management course series, Joe has contributed technical articles to many industry journals, including the Project Management Journal, P.M. Network, CFO Magazine, Computer Technology Review, the IEEE Grid, Highway and Heavy Construction, and others.


The Challenge

Eliminating the bottleneck when working with clients to get the initial components of a project plan down on paper.


The Solution

Enter Project KickStart. Fusco first met Experience in Software founder Roy Nierenberg in San Francisco. When Nierenberg encouraged Fusco to download the free project management software trial, Fusco was skeptical. “I've seen a lot of software that claims to be the silver bullet in project management, so I always approach any new piece of software with reservations. Most of this kind of software is created for professional project managers, not business people who just need to get something done. The level of complexity usually turns people off immediately.”


Fast forward one month, when Fusco finally did download and install the free trial of Project KickStart, he was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic.


“I found the solution I was looking for in Project KickStart. What most people misunderstand about project management is that it's primarily about communicating your ideas clearly and completely to the other stakeholders and team members. If you can't communicate the plan, your project is likely going to fail.”


What made Project KickStart different for Fusco?

“The user interface is deceptively simple. I know from experience that when I pull up a Microsoft Project plan and Gantt chart on the overhead presentation, about half the audience's eyes glaze over within the first 5 seconds. The other half takes as much as about a minute to glaze over, too. With Project KickStart, I can keep people engaged in the process. And, they can easily get right in there and modify the plan without a lot of training.”


As easy as the product is to learn, Fusco readily agreed to provide a series of training videos for Project KickStart, which you can find on this site. The videos are short and informative. You'll be creating a new project within minutes of watching them.


The Benefits

For Joseph C. Fusco and his clients, the benefits are clear. Project KickStart is:

  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Reasonably priced compared to other project management tools.
  • A direct and engaging way to communicate plans to team members.

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