Project KickStart Speeds Innovation at Hewlett-Packard

From story by Peter Ruber, Beyond Computing Magazine



The Customer

David Little, Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard Outsourcing Services Group


The Challenge

Planning and communicating projects in a fast-paced, high-tech environment.


The Solution

Dave Little's job at HP takes him all over the world and he takes Project KickStart with him on every job. He's currently working on information technology outsourcing projects in 14 different countries. When Little began a project in France recently, on his recommendation the customer company purchased copies of Project KickStart for its entire enterprise.

When Hewlett-Packard entered the outsourcing services business, the company managed this complex undertaking with the intuitive, easy-to-use project planning software, Project KickStart. Offering outsourcing expertise in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and application management, mission critical services, desktop management services and E-services, HP's outsourcing team is bound to run into obstacles. Each new customer has its own set of issues, and each must be dealt with individually.

“There's just no cookie cutter approach to effective outsourcing,” says Little. “We have to plan and schedule each customer project as if it were the first we've ever undertaken. A company that decides to outsource puts a lot of trust in the partners it chooses. These companies must have confidence in our ability to understand how they work so that we can help them work better. With Project KickStart , we have the tools we need to give us that understanding. We invariably run into obstacles when implementing our outsourcing services, and Project KickStart helps us address those obstacles and deal with them effectively.”

Project KickStart helps Little plan for and manage a variety of different projects. "An ERP assignment, for instance, requires continuous monitoring and problem management, system administration and performance management, wide and local area network management, database administration, proactive capacity management, controlled change management and ERP infrastructure housing."

Little adds, “E-services, on the other hand, demands operation and management of enterprise-size networks; web-farms and storage infrastructures, locating servers in multi-site data centers, comprehensive monitoring, reporting and early intervention for problem prevention, full support, and guaranteed service levels."

No matter what the scope, Little is convinced, "Project KickStart is a real confidence builder. You sit down with it, and in about 30 minutes, you can put together a very impressive project plan and schedule. Nobody believes it's that easy until they use Project KickStart for the first time. After that, they're converts."


The Benefits

For David Little of Hewlett-Packard, Project KickStart provides:

  • Fast and detailed plans
  • Preventive obstacle planning
  • Reliable and consistent approach to every size and complexity of project

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