Longs Drugs Improves Human Resources Information System with Project KickStart

From story by Peter Ruber, Beyond Computing Magazine



The Customer

Sally Cabbell, the internal human resources (HR) consultant for Longs Drug Stores in Walnut Creek, California.


The Challenge

Help Longs implement a new Human Resources Information and Payroll System (HRIS) and re-engineer the company's existing HR department.


For Longs, a delay in deploying the HR system was not an option. It was linked to a massive IT re-engineering effort that would bring a new information system to the $3 billion company and its 16,000 employees. What's more, the existing HR/payroll system was almost 30 years old, had no additional capacity and had problems that couldn't be fixed.


The Solution

In Project KickStart, Sally Cabbell found the right tools for her job. She's a fan of Experience In Software's Project KickStart and Microsoft Project.


"KickStart is perfect for brainstorming sessions," Cabbell enthuses. “It's easy to use, and helps define goals, organize thoughts, and identify all the dependencies and sub-projects that you didn't realize existed until management and end user groups began their brain dumps.”


Cabbell enters all the important data, milestones and goals from the brainstorming sessions into Project KickStart.


The new Longs HRIS system is a Web-enabled intranet that, to list a few functions, gives employees a much greater role in maintaining their own personnel data, and delivers benefits, retirement and other enterprise information. It's also a management system that automates work scheduling, performance evaluations and attendance tracking.


Cabbell can't praise the project management tool highly enough. "You can't manage projects of this magnitude in your head or with paper and pencil plans," she states.


Cabbell uses the simpler, more agile Project KickStart to plan the tasks assigned to her, then uses Microsoft Project to track thousands of tasks, giving every member of her task force an updated plan each week, clearly showing what is due when and who is assigned to it.


The Benefits

Sally Cabbell finds benefits in using Project KickStart when revamping a major HRIS:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Brainstorming capabilities
  • Simple data export

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