Project KickStart for the Construction Industry

Project management is a major factor for continued success in the construction industry. Most project management software has more fancy features than necessary for the construction industry and does not do a good enough job helping plan around common contracting obstacles. Most project management software specifically for construction was either complicated, expensive, or both. Project KickStart provides an intuitive user interface that enables you to plan construction projects from start to finish, track costs and resources, manage obstacles, and present reports to clients.


Gantt chart in Project KickStart


Project KickStart is the fastest, easiest project management program on the market, and is great for Home Builders, General Contractors, Remodelers, Developers. It will help you win more bid proposals than your competition by allowing you to quickly and easily generate project/phase/task lists and time schedules that include a detailed Gantt chart for professional supporting documentation. Using Project KickStart, your overall business credibility will be significantly enhanced.


According to Elaine Marmel, author of the Microsoft Project 2010 Bible, "Project KickStart helps you 'brainstorm' planning a project and quickly create the beginnings of a project plan. What a great way to avoid accidentally letting tasks, resource needs, or potential obstacles to address slip through the cracks!" Project KickStart helps contractors think through their projects thoroughly, accurately manage budgets throughout their projects, and has convenient reports to show clients.

You Guys had Time to Save my Life
"7 projects 3 different provinces and you guys had time to save my life. I mean honestly, the IT help is top notch and far above any industry standard I have experienced with any of our software providers. You responded on a Saturday, in what seemed like minutes after my desperate plea. Your company has afforded me countless hours of planning and seamless training tools. I start my project supervisors on Project KickStart Pro, prior to the daunting task of teaching them Microsoft Project. In fact I still build ironclad schedules with Project KickStart Pro, myself, and simply format it for Microsoft Project. I work exclusively for a Canadian company, West 18th Street Enterprises, the land and building development portion of Visions Electronics Company. It's a great company and I can assure you that your product makes us better men. Thank you again."

-Rob Wolfe, West 18th Street Enterprises, a division of The Stewart Group
working on projects for Visions Electronics Company in Western Canada.

Project KickStart helps construction firms win bids, stay on budget, and complete projects on time.


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