Free Project Management Software Helps Mechanical Engineering Student Complete Final Year Project


The Customer

Suprise Radebe, Mechanical Engineering Student, South Africa (download)


The Challenge

A typical student, Suprise Radebe had put off his mechanical engineering final project until the last minute.


The Solution

Panicked and, like many students, broke, Redebe turned to the Web where he found the Project KickStart free trial.


“Thanks for the wonderful software! It is just amazing. I'm one of those Last Minute Students and it wasn't until this week that I realized I was lagging too far behind with my work. I downloaded your software yesterday but it seems like I've done a term's work already,” says Radebe.


Though neither we nor Radebe recommend procrastinating on a big project, we're both realistic. Pressure can often cause you to freeze up when it comes to ideas for your projects. According to Radebe, “Not only does Project KickStart help you schedule your project, but it also gives you advice on what to consider when working on your project. I found the advice directly applicable to any project.”


And Suprise Radebe clearly recognizes the value of our free trial. “Thanks for making available the trial version too. Unfortunately I can't afford the full version for now but it is useful even when I can't print. The ideas I get are helping me work faster than I ever had before.”


The Benefits

For Suprise Radebe and other students throughout the world, Project KickStart offers:
  • Free trial and affordable academic pricing
  • Fast learning curve
  • Built-in project advice and task suggestions

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