Project KickStart Gives University of Phoenix Student the Edge


The Customer

Del Calkins, Undergraduate Student, University of Phoenix, Portland Oregon (download)


The Challenge

Find a way to learn project management methods and techniques in an accelerated learning program.


The Solution

Like virtually all of the students at the University of Phoenix, Del Calkins is a working adult. University of Phoenix classes are accelerated, five week programs, leaving little room for error or confusion.


As Calkins puts it, “In our accelerated Business Management program, we have five weeks to master a subject. The subject I just finished is project management. It was a most difficult class, because we not only had to learn the theories of project management, but we had to learn Microsoft Project as well. When I stumbled across Project KickStart, I downloaded it and put it to good use.”


According to Calkins, Project KickStart made a significant difference. Says Calkins, “It was easy to understand and easy to learn. The examples and fill in areas helped to get me started toward a deeper understanding of the theories and processes. I can honestly say that your Project KickStart got me going in the right direction, and helped me master the class. I did very well with the help of your software. It gave me a KickStart!”


The Benefits

For Del Calkins, working adult learner at the University of Phoenix, the benefits of Project KickStart include:

  • Easy to learn format
  • Clearly illustrates project planning and management theories
  • Increases confidence and performance

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