Project KickStart Improves Project Communication for Attorney General's Office


The CustomerNorth Carolina Project Management with Project KickStart

C.J. Walters, State Project Manager,
North Carolina Attorney General's Office


The Challenge

Getting users to participate early in the project and to take responsibility for the success of the project.


The Solution

Fortunately, according to Walters, “I stumbled upon some tools that help with user participation, especially during the critical initial-planning phase. A tool like Project KickStart engages users in the important strategic visualization steps and help identify risks and milestones. If given such responsibility early in a project, the users contribute more and give more support to the project manager.”


As a roving state project manager with 25 years of project experience, C.J. Walters understands all of the potential problems in planning and running projects.


“The user part of user participation,” according to Walters, “is the group paying for the project, including the little people on teams and committees. Too often, users are passive and don't take responsibility for the outcome of a project, presuming they can disassociate themselves from the project, if necessary. Frequently, the pressure is squarely upon the project manager to whip up user involvement and participation.”


As a result, it's critically important for project managers of any size project to find a tool that can engage and involve users as early as possible in the process. Because Project KickStart can easily be used by groups to brainstorm and refine the vision of the project it's a powerful addition to any project toolkit.


The Benefits

  • Enables user participation and involvement
  • Easy to understand
  • Simplifies communication


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