The Right Prescription for North Carolina Health System Leader

Mission St. Joseph's Health Center, which is the major health facility for western North Carolina, includes two major hospital campuses, smaller regional campuses, and off-campus facilities.


The Customer

Sally Lordeon, Senior Technical Communications Analyst for the Asheville, NC, Mission St. Joseph's Health System (download)


The Challenge

Plan and implement a two-year, $40 million project to create and deploy a new, integrated clinical information system (ICIS). Coordinate 36 separate teams and hundreds of team members to replace 65 individual clinical information systems in place at St. Joseph's with the new ICIS system.


The Solution

“Our administration dictated from the outset that everyone involved in the ICIS implementation must have project management knowledge and skills,” says Lordeon. To fulfill that requirement, Lordeon and her colleague, Liz Becker-Reems created a two-day project management workshop that all team members were required to attend. Lordeon and Becker-Reems undertook an extensive Internet search and evaluation of project management software before settling on Project KickStart.

“Once our staff gets hands-on experience with Project KickStart, they question we hear most is, 'Where can I get my own copy of this software?'”

“A great deal of the work that is done across our entire organization is project based,” says Lordeon. “Project KickStart continues to serve Mission St. Joseph's Health System so well because our staff really use it. Project KickStart allows our employees to put into practice the science of project management they've learned in our classes. With Project KickStart they begin projects with the confidence that they have the tools to bring them to completion successfully.”

Since the project management seminars were first offered to department managers, they have offered more than 50 sessions, within the Mission St. Joseph's community, and in regional businesses, as well. Teams at Mission St. Joseph's continue to use Project KickStart for small, medium, and large projects.

The Benefits

  • Ease-of-use and simple learning curve
  • Applicable to wide range of project types
  • Affordable


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