Planning Prayer Network Projects with Project KickStart


The Customer

Eddie Smith, Coordinator, Intercessory Prayer Network, Houston, Texas (U.S. Prayer Center) (download)


The Challenge

Coming up with all of a project's possibilities when working alone.


The Solution

For Eddie Smith, Coordinator of the Intercessory Prayer Network's Houston chapter, the answer was Project KickStart. As an internationally-known conference speaker and author, Eddie Smith is no stranger to creative projects.

About using Project KickStart, Eddie says, "My thoughts flowed freely and easily onto the screen. When I ran out of ideas, I loaded a template and suddenly the ideas there generated a whole new stream of thought for me. My point is, the net result was more like that that come from if I had participated in a group brainstorming session. I ended with far more that than I would have ever imagined alone without Project KickStart."

Eddie Smith has been involved in the nonprofit sector for decades. His experience counts. "I believe educators, pastors, and leaders of other nonprofit organizations will find this program very valuable. It is affordable and effective."

The Benefits

  • Affordable
  • Great for brainstorming, alone or with others
  • Templates provide inspiration and ideas

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