WebplannerWebplanner™ is our new online collaborative project management tool. Brainstorm goals, obstacles, and tasks with our easy-to-use planning wizard. Next, work out scheduling with your team in a dynamic Gantt chart. Look to Webplanner for:

  • Real-time project collaboration
  • Multiple layers of tasks
  • Commenting on tasks and attachments
  • Task dependencies and a critical path view
  • File uploads
  • Clear, concise project reports
  • And much more

Display Project KickStart plans in Webplanner!

Webplanner -- our cloud-based project management program has just been released. It's especially great for real-time collaboration. To try out Webplanner go to Webplanner.com.

The best thing about Webplanner is that it requires no compromise between ease-of-use and powerful features. It has an intuitive interface and instructions are on-screen, but Webplanner still has all the tools needed to break down a complex project, including an adjustable Gantt chart with dependencies and a critical path view. This flexibility makes Webplanner equally well-suited for individuals and businesses, for those with project planning experience and for those entirely new to it.

Webplanner can be used to print out individualized to-do lists, communicate with collaborators, prioritize how you allocate your time, log and track progress, keep relevant documents on hand, and much more.

Webplanner works with Project KickStart

Webplanner is fully integrated with Project KickStart. In a mouse click, you can view your Project KickStart plan in Webplanner. Or, You can start with Webplanner and then open it in Project KickStart. It goes both ways!

"We now present a detailed plan in our bids, showing critical paths, people associated with the tasks, and a Gantt chart. We’re scoring higher because we’re presenting a more comprehensive offering. This is a project management app that people just pick up with minimal training. It’s intuitive. We’ve found that people look at Webplanner and it just makes sense. All the hassle is gone! All project management material in one place and without the danger of mixing up multiple versions."

- Richard Benson
Operations Director
About Health
Delivers clinician-lead, patient-focused primany care services in the UK

"Webplanner saves in time and adds efficiency. It provides a common resource for the team to use. Before Webplanner, we sent a lot more emails -- I mean hundreds a week. Now, anybody can see the status of things in real time."

- Stacey McCarty
Project Coordinator
Vanderbilt University Leadership Academy

"OMG! Webplanner is so user friendly. I’ve test-driven several other project management apps recently. Webplanner is by far the easiest to use and the most feature-rich."

- Janice Breuer
Trade Show Specialist
FFF Enterprises
Critical-care biopharmaceuticals, plasma products and vaccines

Web-Based Project Management Software

Webplanner project management software facilitates management by providing a framework for increased productivity and improved workflow.

Webplanner is a web-based project management solution. It works on PC or a Mac.

You can use it as Software-as-a-Service(SaaS), where we host it for you.

Webplanner can be used stand-alone

You don't need Project KickStart or any other software to use Webplanner. You can use Webplanner all by itself to quickly sketch a project plan. Click to define Phases, Tasks and Subtasks. Double-click a task to add schedule information like Duration, Start Date, Finish Date, Cost, Work, etc. Webplanner automatically rolls up (summarizes) the cost data to each level of the project. Assign resources, track costs, and completion, all from within Webplanner.

Key Features

  • Real-time collaborative functionality
  • Multiple layers of tasks
  • Commenting on tasks and attachments
  • Task dependencies and a critical path view
  • File uploads
  • Clear, concise project reports
  • And much more

Security on Webplanner

  • By using Windows Azure and Microsoft data centers, Webplanner deliverers a security-enhanced solution that even its enterprise customers who have strict security and privacy standards can appreciate. The company deployed its solution in a multitenant environment, so every project that a customer manages on Webplanner is stored separately from other projects, which helps assure customers that their confidential data is safeguarded. In addition, Microsoft data centers adhere to industry-recognized, high security standards and have a SAS 70 Type II certification.
  • Your data is secure. With https for every screen, your sessions are protected. Additionally, you can set user permissions to control how much of your project each person on your team can see or edit. And you can customize Webplanner's autosave settings to adjust their frequency and ensure your data is always safe.
  • For further details on Azure sucurity, see: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/support/trust-center/security/

System Requirements

  • PC (Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer) or Mac (Safari)
  • With Software as a service project management software there is no software to install or carry around. You can access the software with your email and a password. No hassles or headaches. Just great project management features, and your information available anywhere.

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