Project KickStart brings project management to Word.

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Have you been looking for an easy-to-use project management program that seamlessly integrates with Word? If you answered yes, Project KickStart is for you. You don't have to be a project management pro to use it.


Project KickStart includes a "Planning Wizard" that guides you each step of the way. You'll quickly create a well-thought-out task list and strategic plan. The built-in Gantt chart provides a timeline for each task in your schedule. You can print reports and share them with team members, management, clients and other stakeholders. Download the Project KickStart Free trial here.


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Create a visual schedule for your project.

Project KickStart's easy-to-use Gantt chart provides a timeline for each task in your schedule. You can even "bump" tasks forward or backward to adjust the schedule. Mark tasks "done" for a quick status report. Print reports, including the Gantt chart, and share them with team members, management, clients and other stakeholders. Include Project KickStart reports in budgets and proposals. Or, save as HTML and post to your Web site.

Project KickStart instantly exports your plan into Word.

In Word, you can communicate your project details with team members and stakeholders.

  • Enhance your document by adding color, logos, clip art, or hyperlinks.
  • Share data with others and request comments using Word's Send to and Comments feature.
  • Include your strategic plan in documents, letters and web pages in a .doc or html file.

For an example of this capability, please listen to a tutorial by our trainer Joe Fusco.

play video
Project KickStart, Project Communications (10:24)

    Team Building with Project KickStart

    Using Project Task Notes

    Linking Tasks and Documents

    How to Use Project Reports

    Reporting Time, Resources and Costs

    Gantt Chart Reports

    Exporting PKS Data to Word.


    Project KickStart can be used stand-alone

    You don't need Microsoft Office to use Project KickStart. You can use Project KickStart all by itself to develop a well-thoughtout plan and schedule where nothing is forgotten or overlooked. And, best of all, it's very easy-to-use. Download our Project KickStart Free Trial and start creating better project plans in just 30 minutes.


    Download Your Risk-free Trial Now!

    System Requirements

    • Windows Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
    • 128 MB RAM, 30MB free disk space
    • Project KickStart may be installed on a network
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