WriteEZ breaks writer's block and makes you a more effective, powerful and creative writer. It's like a writing coach leading you through the steps of creating a first draft. WriteEZ is for anyone wanting to write with greater speed and clarity. Highly recommended. Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP. Introductory Special. $80.00


Unleash the Communicator within you.

WriteEZ breaks writer's block and makes you a more effective, powerful and creative writer. Not a grammar checker or word processor, it's a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence product designed to help you write for solid content, not just form.

Created by Dan E. Burns, Ph.D., speech writer to Fortune 500 CEOs and author of Thoughtline (an earlier DOS version of WriteEZ). We sold thousands of copies of Thoughtline and know the new Windows version will be even more popular.

To see a guided tour of WriteEZ. First, Right mouse click and Save Target As WriteEZa.wrf. You will need a WebEx WRF player to to play the guided tour. You can download one for free from WebEx.

WriteEZ's wizard-like interface guides you each step of the way.

Like a writing coach, WriteEZ guides you through 12 steps to conceptualize and define your document.

Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, there are follow up questions that use your own words to sharpen your thinking. An online Help advisor provides information about the step you're on and written examples to demonstrate the point being made.

You'll develop a thought-out draft that has considered important elements such as your paper's goals, audience, core issues, key points and more. Finally, WriteEZ transfers your draft outline to Word for formatting.

Who is WriteEZ for?

Students, professional writers, corporate professionals who need to produce creative documents, research papers, speeches, screen plays, marketing pieces, etc., will find they produce a more clearly focused and interesting paper with WriteEZ.

Features and Benefits

  • Follow up questions keep you writing.
  • Expert system digs deeper to reveal relationships among ideas.
  • Checklist of key questions leads you step by step through the presentation.
  • Topics includes overview, background, goals, audience, personal and listener interest, thesis, evidence, and key points.
  • IQ Engine generates follow-up questions generated from your answers.
  • Show Draft displays a transcript of your dialog.
  • Add Key Point button inserts new key point at any time.
  • Advisor gives context sensitive help.

What Users Are Saying

"I LOVED Thoughtline, the old DOS program for helping you with your writing. I hated to see it go out of print. I'm excited to FINALLY see it reincarnated in this new and improved version for Windows. Anyone wanting to write with greater speed and clarity needs to have this nifty tool on their PC. I have it, use it and love it. Get it."
- Dr. Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author, "Spiritual Marketing" www.MrFire.com

"I've just bought Write EZ. Excellent tool. It's helping me write a difficult sponsorship proposal document I'm doing for an event next year. I've already got some pretty good stuff down and I've only been playing with it for half an hour! Please thank Dan for his good work."
- Roy Gough, Alloy CRM, United Kingdom

"I am using WriteEZ to prepare a presentation on the availability of water and its distribution as a possible source of conflicts in the future. The questions, or rather the answers to the questions to be considered are very helpful in structuring my "own message". The program is a very valuable tool, even given the past experience of someone who had to prepare numerous papers on MOD- and NATO-HQ-Level. The advantage is in its stringent focus on reasoning. Following the lines will save a lot of time to write papers "to the point".
- Klaus Berger

"I found WriteEZ to be extremely helpful, user-friendly and easy to follow. I also found the program creative and presented in an interesting and enjoyable manner. I actually found the software fun to use!

"From the standpoint of meeting my objectives, the prompts helped me to organize my thoughts, helped me to keep track of my basic objectives for my presentation, and helped me to stay "on track" and avoid tangents. It also helped me provide real life examples to convince my audience of the points that I was trying to make in the presentation."
- Steven Little

Anticipation for WriteEZ

"I love your old 'Thoughtline' software because it kept asking me questions and helped me sort out my thoughts, just like a personal consultant or even a private therapist. I am looking forward to try out your new WriteEZ. Please RUSH me a copy IMMEDIATELY."
- Bill Shu

" Thoughtline is a remarkable piece of artificial intelligence software (based on the famous Eliza program). It asks you questions. You type the answers. Based on your responses, it asks some more questions. Before you know it, you've brainstormed your presentation, and written the first draft... This is my favorite tool to aid thinking and writing."
- J. R. Nicholas, Nicholas Allen Partnership

" I have the DOS version of Thoughtline. I just love this software. It is very helpful for me to develop articles and speeches. I am a School Superintendent and Thoughtline is a great writing tool for me. I am very much interested in an upgrade to the Windows version. How can I purchase a Windows version of this wonderful software?"
- Joe A. Hairston, School Superintendent

" Great program! I've recommended it to various clergy for writing papers, homilies, etc. When your Windows version is available, please let me know where I can pick it up."
- Rev. Brian Mahoney

" Thoughtline's use of keyword triggers often resulted in very enlightening and surprising leaps of logical significance being achieved. I, more than once, sat back looking at the text on the screen and wondered if I was really just responding to the software or perhaps there was a little "consciousness" being utilized through the Agent."
- Mark Sillars, formerly with Flexi Media Systems & Flexo Offset Systems

System Requirements

  • Windows 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP (Not available for Vista)
  • Pentium 133 or higher, 32 MB RAM or greater
  • 1.2 MB disk space
Get WriteEZ and unleash the communicator within you. Available here for $80.00.

WriteEZ - Creative Writing Tool, Software for Writer


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