Applying Project Management in the Workplace
by Jeff Crow

applying project management in the workplace (book)

This new edition of Jeff Crow's 304-page book is a practical guide to the tools, techniques and processes of project management. It gives you valuable tips and tricks and a road-map to project success. You'll marvel at his insights. And you'll be able to apply his lessons again and again. Includes 21 checklists, 16 forms, 14 problem-solving tools, and 85 process tips. $30 (PDF download)


New Fifth edition of Applying Project Management in the Workplace is a practical working guide to the tools, techniques and activities of project management. And, it's designed for people just like you. It's for people who are assigned projects based on their technical expertise rather than their experience planning and managing projects. It's for people who work on projects in addition to their "real jobs." It's for people who work on projects with their peers as their resources. It's for people who have to get their projects done with little or no real authority.

This book will take you through the complete project management process, from defining and planning the project, through implementation of the plan, and delivery and evaluation of the results. It's loaded with tools, techniques and strategies to help you get it done. It includes:

  • 21 Project planning and management checklists
  • 28 Project planning and management forms and tools
  • 14 Problem-solving tools

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Project Pre-Work
  • People Skills for Project Leaders
  • Project Planning
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Closure
  • Checklists and Forms
  • Appendices

Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter provides the foundation for the book's methodology. Why are projects undertaken and what are their main characteristics. Typical constraints of time, resources and output. Characteristics of effective project leaders and the key players within organizations.

Chapter 2: Project Pre-Work

In this chapter, the preliminary work typically done for a project is outlined. A process is presented for determining the Needs (requirements) and Wants (desirable features). A process for developing the project goal statement and linking it to other goals or objectives of the organization is described. A form and process for determining the skills needed to complete the project is shown and some tips on using it to negotiate for the appropriate resources are given. The basics of starting a project team are discussed.

Chapter 3: People Skills for Project Leaders

This is the chapter that falls outside the normal process of developing and managing a project. The information in this chapter is applicable throughout the life cycle of a project. The topics in this chapter include: The development and use of power and authority, Motivation, Leadership, How teams grow and change over time, Negotiation, and Communication.

Chapter 4: Project Planning

As just about any successful project manager will tell you, the secret of a successful project is good, comprehensive, accurate planning. This chapter is a "how-to" for developing a project plan in all its component PARTS. It begins with a flexible, group-oriented process for developing the overall plan (fully illustrated with photos of the actual process being used). In this process, the basic structure of the project is laid out and details of individual tasks, responsibilities and schedule are added through successive passes through the plan. Additional planning tools such as a Responsibility Matrix, Gantt schedule charts, Budgeting forms and Contingency Planning processes are included.

Chapter 5: Project Implementation

This is the "just do it" activity of project management. In this chapter, the day-to-day management of the project is discussed. From the first meeting of the project team through the preparation for handing off the final results of the work, this process is examined. Tips, techniques and tools to assist the project manager are included. Two tools in particular are discussed in detail: Project Status Reports and Project Change Control.

Chapter 6: Project Closure

At the end of the project, it is necessary to give the results to someone. This process can be the stumbling block of the project unless it is carefully planned and executed. A process for determining the potential pitfalls of the transfer is presented. Closing out the project and documenting everything that happened is discussed. The final review of the completed project is also discussed.

Chapter 7: Checklists and Forms

In this section, twenty-one checklists and eleven forms are presented. Not all checklists and forms are appropriate for every project, but the variety makes it likely that every project manager will find several that will be of benefit. All checklists and forms are reproducible.


The two appendices in the book relate to problem-solving. The first appendix presents a comprehensive, step-by-step problem-solving process. The second presents many of the tools used by the process in reproducible form.

ISBN: 0-9660469-3-5, 304 pages, PDF format, Fifth Edition, 2003

About the Author

Jeff Crow is president of Crow Development Corporation, a professional services consulting firm serving clients world wide. Jeff and his associates provide consulting and customized training in project management, process improvement, and organizational effectiveness. He teaches numerous seminars and workshops annually and is the faculty advisor and an instructor for the Project Management Certificate Program at Portland State University's Professional Development Center.

Jeff Crow can be contacted through:

Crow Development Corp.
PO Box 80746
Portland, OR 97280-1746

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