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Project KickStart Pro 5 ($299) is an easy-to-use project management program for small to medium-sized projects. The software focuses on both planning a project and creating a project schedule for easier management. And, it seamlessly integrates with all Microsoft® Office Applications: Microsoft® Outlook®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Microsoft® Project.


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Your Project KickStart plan appears in the Tasks view of Outlook. The project's name is listed as a "category," and the tasks, due dates and assignments are under the category. Subtasks from Project KickStart will also be shown in Outlook. Optionally, you can list your tasks in Outlook's Calendar.

Project KickStart also imports contacts from Outlook. You don't have to retype the names of people who will be involved with your project. And when the tasks and contacts go into Outlook, Outlook will recognize the contacts, for emailing reminders to them.

In Outlook you can communicate and track project details:

  • Set reminders for tasks
  • View tasks during specified date ranges or by priority
  • E-mail contacts when tasks are due
  • Update percent complete
  • Bring your project to your Palm Pilot or Pocket PC.
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In Word, you will see your Project KickStart plan in a table, with columns for Task Name, Assignments, Start Date, Finish Date, Duration, Notes and Done. Communicate your project details in a variety of text formats:

  • Enhance your document by adding color, logos, images, or hyperlinks.
  • Share data with others and request comments using Word's Send to and Comments feature.
  • Include your strategic plan in documents, letters and web pages in a .doc or html file.
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In Excel you'll see your Project KickStart plan, with columns for Task Name, Assignments, Start Date, Finish Date, Duration, Notes and Done. Communicate and collaborate project details numerically and graphically:

  • Add Excel columns for added task information, e.g., part numbers or department numbers for vendors, manufacturing or other stakeholders.
  • Sort or filter Task columns to show project details in new views for team members, management or customers.
  • Create graphic elements and customize worksheet for reports and proposals.
  • Email your project plan to others in an Excel format as a work schedule or to-do list.
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In PowerPoint, you'll see your Project KickStart plan as formatted slide presentation containing project Phases, Tasks, Goals, Obstacles, Resources and a Gantt chart.

  • Enhance your slides with a company logo, clip art and colors.
  • Present project details in webinars, presentations and corporate meetings.
  • Create template presentations for implementing an installation, product introduction, corporate policy, etc.
  • Email project plans in .ppt format to colleagues and presentors.
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Microsoft Project

In Microsoft Project, you'll see your Project KickStart plan fills-in the Tasks, Resources, Assignments, Dates and Notes. Exporting to Microsoft Project allows you to take advantage of the advanced tracking and scheduling features that large projects often require.

Schedule and track project details:

  • Create Pert charts
  • Make and track budgets
  • Compare plan versus actual results
  • Track multiple projects
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Microsoft OneNote (cited in a OneNote Blog)

The other piece of software that helps me go from idea to action is Project KickStart.

This is a quick project management organizer that walks you through step by step developing a new project, assigning phases, tasks, responsibilities, and even lets you print and maintain GANTT charts. I also love the fact that it integrates tasks and calendars with Outlook 2007.


This means that I can do the step by step thing, print out a professional looking project plan to share with board and colleagues, and connect it to reminders / actions / events in Outlook. AND I can:

  • Print to OneNote a project overview including task lists and actions to take or follow-up on.
  • Make notes on the project in OneNote, including using the assignments / task lists in shared notebooks so the whole team can see, work with where we're at and who is doing what.

I also like to print the Project Kickstart GANTT charts out in poster size (taping pages together) so I have a quick visual reminder on my office wall.

All of these things help me keep more or less on top of the 1,001 things I'm responsible for / working with. I'm not naturally anal or detail-oriented. What this system does is helps me:

  • Get more done
  • Not forget things
  • Dump details out of my head so that I'm not thinking about them when I'm doing something else
  • Do better by taking more timely action
  • Actually make space for attention to the more creative aspects of what I want to do

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Project KickStart can be used stand-alone

You don't necessarily need Microsoft Office to use Project KickStart. Many customers use Project KickStart all by itself to develop well thought-out, detailed, plans and schedules. Download the Project KickStart Free Trial now and see for yourself how easy-to-use it really is.

30 day money back guarantee

System Requirements

  • Windows Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 128 MB RAM, 30MB free disk space
  • Project KickStart may be installed on a network

Learn more about Project KickStart Pricing here.

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