Increase Communication & Collaboration

A hallmark of successful and efficient project management is timely and accurate communication. Project KickStart provides real-time reports and information to keep you and your team informed. Choose reports for each phase of your project: including project planning, project management, and advanced Gantt chart reports to keep you informed of the latest project assignments, status, schedule and more. If your reporting or analysis needs can be better served by another software application that you use, we provide exports to the following: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Project, ACT! MindManager, WBS Chart.

Project Planning Reports

  • Phases—describe how your project breaks down into major activities. Phase examples include: Beginning Phase, Scoping Phase, Research Phase, Approval Phase, Design Phase, Training Phase, Maintenance Phase, etc.
  • Goals—will represent what you are trying to accomplish with your project. Goals can vary according to the project, the phase of the project, and many other factors. Some typical goals revolve around time, revenue, quality, staffing, growth, product or service launch, technology, maintenance, or training.
  • People—list the individuals or groups who might provide resources or support to your project. People can be easily imported from Outlook and Act!.
  • Obstacles—obstacles and issues are an inevitable part of projects. If you can foresee the challenges, you can plan for them and, likely, overcome them. Obstacles, like goals, will obviously vary from project to project.

Project Status, Assignments, Goals & More

  • Individual Assignments—Project KickStart makes it easy to manage your ongoing project with individual assignments for clear accountability and efficient use of time.
  • Task Reports—as a project lead, manager, or stakeholder you will want to see the overall tasks at some point during the project. These reports make it easy to get perspective, give input, and keep tabs on project tasks.

Advanced Project Management Reports

Gantt Charts—a powerful chart that displays the entire project, all tasks, timelines, phases, etc. Many people use this chart as a daily touchstone for:

  • Overall project status and timeline
  • To see the tasks that need to be done today or in the coming days
  • To view dependencies between tasks
  • To view milestones

    Gantt Example


Collaborate & Communicate with Colleagues

  • Email—easily collaborate with colleagues by emailing reports to them.
  • Save- save off reports as an ongoing practice to preserve state of project for a certain point in time.
  • Print—convenient for viewing larger projects, printing assignments or to use in a project status meeting.



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