Project KickStart Standard 5 Key Features

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Basic Gantt Charts

We heard our customers loud and clear that Gantt Charts needed more flexibility to mirror the complexity and needs of their projects:

1. To make scheduling easy and quick, the Gantt chart opens in a starter schedule for new projects by setting today as the start date and assigning a one-day duration to each task. This creates a waterfall or cascade pattern, with one task following the other. To adjust the schedule to fit your project, you can move task bars around as well as change their start dates, finish dates, and durations. Also, you can change the project "start date" to change all the dates in the project.

2. Phases which contain tasks are represented by summary bars that "contain" their tasks.

3. You can set % done in a special column, which display in the the task bars.

4. You can set milestones (the task bar turns into a diamond-shape) by setting the task duration = 0.

5. You can change the color of task bars for emphasis.

Flexible Project Options

The Planning Wizard has been streamlined from earlier versions, with the following added features:

  • The Task List view includes cost and % done columns.
  • A new Task List toolbar makes adding new tasks, subtasks and notes clearer.
  • A Task Information dialog allows for easy editing on the Task List and Gantt chart.

Project Reporting

  • Print three styles of Gantt chart reports (wall chart, scale-to-smallest scale, and repeat tasks on every page).
  • You can use the Report Wizard to select the data to print (date range and completed vs uncompleted tasks), see print previews of the Gantt charts, and specify Headers and Footers of Gantt reports.

Flexible User Control

  • Speed your projects with Undo button and right mouse enabled.
  • Modernized user interface.
  • Weekends are shown as non-working days.
  • Set holidays or other days as non-working days.

Improved Imports/Exports

Project KickStart 5's exports (which were called "links" in Ver 3) have been substantially enhanced, including exports to Microsoft Office 2007:

1. Word export saves in Word doc format

2. Excel export saves in Excel workbook format

3. Power Point export lets you chose a design template, provides clearer information, and lets you include the Gantt chart in your presentation.

4. Outlook Export lets you:

  • Export your tasks onto the calendar as a reminder on the due date
  • Improve the Task View in Outlook
  • Preserve the original order of your tasks within any project

The Import from Outlook to the People Library has also been improved:

  • On Import, you can see the company name as well as the person's name, to help you identify which contacts to import.
  • Imports contact information into an address book in the People Library , showing Company name, phone number, email, etc.
  • Also lets you import contacts from the Outlook Business Contact Manager

5. ACT! 7 and later (2005/2006/2007/2008/2009/2010) are now supported with an enhanced Export and Import.

  • The Export puts tasks on the ACT! calendar as timeless to avoid clogging up your calendar view
  • The Export is smart enough to be able to update your existing tasks from the same project
  • It preserves the task history (task cleared, notes, etc.) in ACT!.
  • It updates the latest task status and assignments (rather than overwrite all the tasks in ACT!)
  • You can create ACT! assignments right from Project KickStart.
  • The Import from ACT! 7 and later to the People Library has also been improved:
  • And it displays the company name as well as the person's name to help you identify which contacts or users to import.

6. The new MindManager 8 export/import lets you easily export to MindManager. MindManager instantly displays a visual map of the tasks in Project KickStart. You can see the project structure, including the phases, tasks, percent done, costs, and notes. Or, you can develop a rough plan in MindManager, and export your mind map to Project KickStart for detailed planning. It goes both ways!

System Requirements

  • Windows Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 128 MB RAM, 30MB free disk space
  • Project KickStart may be installed on a network

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