Category: PKS6
08 February 2019

Keystroke is pleased to announce an update to it's leading project management software, Project KickStart.

Project KickStart 6.2 was released this week, and existing 6.x users will be notified by our updater of the presence of this patch, and will be prompted to apply it. This update takes less than a minute, and provides the following benefits:

  • Task drag and drop is now supported in the Tasks step, allowing users to drag tasks up and down within phases, or from one phase to another. The phase the receives the new task will automatically recalculate percentage of completion and cost accordingly.
  • Alternatively, instead of dragging tasks form one phase to another, we've added the ability to set the parent of a task from the information window. 
  • Complete redesign of the Settings menu
  • Added "Supplemental Projects" location in the settings to support two project source directories for the dashboard (one local and one network). This change allows network users to manage their personal projects on their local drive, while viewing the teams projects in their Dashboard from the shared network location.
  • Editing a task no longer requires reloading/refreshing the task or schedule screen
  • Help file is now indexed to make keyword search possible
  • Numerous bug fixes

 The development team continues to work feverishly in it's production of the Team version of Project KickStart, expected out in March, which will have an SQL backend, greater Act! integration to the user and activity level, as well as multi-user access.

Stay tuned.