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"Project KickStart is amazing. You sit down with it and in about 30 minutes, you can put together a very impressive project plan and schedule. Nobody believes it's that easy until they use it for the first time. After that, they're converts."
-David Little,
Program Manager,
Hewlett-Packard Outsourcing Services Group

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"If you have projects to organize, you owe it to yourself to check out Project KickStart's project management software."

-PC Magazine

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TopTenReviews Bronze Award in Project Management Software

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The Easiest Project Management Software.

Through five versions of Project KickStart's project management software we've focused on keeping it easy to use. Our clients are planning and managing projects for general business, consulting, IT, government, education and more. If you are you looking to generate ideas, solve problems, and increase efficiency, try it now and have a project ready in 30 minutes.

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If you're not a professional project manager, you probably want something that's easy to learn and inexpensive. Of course, it's got to pump out a professional project management plan too. If you are a professional project manager, you might be tired of trying to train your team to use an expensive and complicated tool. Maybe they just want a simple tool they can use to provide initial requirements and to view your full-featured plans.

In either case, we've got you covered. Project KickStart Pro 5 makes it easy to specify requirements, tasks, resources, and obstacles, and to generate a full Gantt schedule, including task dependencies. All for less than half the cost of the leading project management software. And, you'll be building projects in less than an hour.


"Project KickStart is a really fantastic product. I looked at dozens of other programs, but they didn't really meet my needs. With KickStart, I set up a schedule within just a few minutes, with good guidance from the wizard. Then it ports out to MS Outlook (which I use) and several other applications. Excellent program, and a great value."
Armando Rodriguez, CEO, Southern Nations Foundation

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A Simple Project Management Software

Our programming team has been developing project management software for years. In fact, we have listened to customer feedback, integrated the changes you asked for and upgraded our product multiple times. Over the years, Project Kickstart has become one of the premier simple project planning and project management programs available. It's simple to use, easy to set up and very cost-effective. Our current, 5th version is the best project management software that we offer. We know you have a choice based on today's market and we strongly recommend that you try our no-obligation, risk free trial so you can see for yourself how truly easy our product is.


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