Plan to Act!

Powerful New v6 Features

the only project management tool
to work with both Act! & Outlook

Contact Integration

Added flexibility in getting your contacts and resources into Project KickStart. The ability to import your coworkers, partners, or vendors from Act! or Outlook means less time entering them manually.

Calendar integration

Keep everyone notified about what and when things need to be done or any changes in schedule. Plan your activities in Project KickStart, and then "push" those tasks directly to Act! or Outlook.

The easiest project management tool for all industries
Manage projects from charities to engineering all in one place

"When we come up with a new product that we need to work on and document for the FDA, Project KickStart is fantastic. It helps us figure out: How we pull the team together, Who needs to do what, What elements of the project are key"
A. Kay - Vice-President of Manufacturing, DynaMed Division, Gall's Inc.

"Project Kickstart is a great front end for all projects. I have been able to map out multiple projects for my team and have had no difficulty in convincing them of the relevance of each step."
S. Lilley - Director, Sales & Marketing Development, Merk & Co. Europe

Project KickStart is a real confidence builder. You sit down with it, and in about 30 minutes, you can put together a very impressive project plan and schedule. Nobody believes it's that easy until they use Project KickStart for the first time. After that, they're converts.
David Little, Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard Outsourcing Services Group

"All too often, though, we find ourselves overwhelmed by our impending tasks and cannot figure out WHERE to start. Project Kickstart makes this dreaded task a snap! By prompting me to identify obstacles, and offering the opportunity to assign people to tasks, it turns chaos into a plan."
R. Henderson - President, Biocon

"Project Kickstart is perfect for brainstorming sessions. It's easy to use, and helps define goals, organize thoughts, and identify all the dependencies and sub-projects that you didn't realize existed until management and end user groups began their brain dumps."
S. Cabell - HR Consultant, CVS Pharmacy